Our 2024 Symposium will be announced shortly.

Each year, the Law School, in cooperation with the Law Review, sponsors symposia that are held at the Law School.  This event brings together experts to speak on various facets of timely legal issues.  The expert presentations inspire both solicited and unsolicited articles for publication in a subsequent Law Review Volume.  Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits are available for attending such symposia, and the regional Continuing Legal Education organizations work with the Law School to promote this event.  Please click the links above for information on this year’s event.

Previous Symposia

2023: Next Gen Lawyering: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Practice of Law

2022: Silence For Sale: The Uses & Abuses of Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Disparagement Clauses, & Secret Settlements

2021: Zooms on Various Topics, Including BlockChain

2018: Dignity Rights and Environmental Justice

2017: The First Amendment, Defamation, and Privacy in Social Media

2016 Symposium: Breaking Down Barriers: The Benefits of a More Inclusive Legal Profession

2015 Symposium: Strengthening and Protecting Families

2014 Symposium: Global Environmental Constitutionalism

2013 Symposium: Forensic Science(s) in the Courtroom
Symposium Chair: James R. May

2011 Symposium: Lessons From Tragedy:Legal, Professional, and Ethical Issues Raised by The Bradley Report
Symposium Chair: John G. Culhane

2010 Symposium: Health Law and The Elderly
Symposium Co-chairs: Professors Thaddeus Pope and John Culhane

2009 Symposium: The Child Witness
Symposium Co-Chairs: Professors John Nivala and Jules Epstein

2008 Symposium: Living with Climate Change: Legal Challenges in a Warmer World
Symposium Chair: Professor Kenneth Kristl

2007 Symposium: Cross-examination: The Great Engine for Truth Determination
Symposium Co-chairs: Professors Jules Epstein and John Nivala