Becoming a Member

September 25th, 2017

Below is an overview of how to become a member of Widener Law Review.  For more information about becoming a member, please visit our Membership FAQ.


There are two ways to gain membership to Widener Law Review: Grading on and Writing On.

Grading On
Widener Law Review offers membership by invitation to students in the top 5% of their respective classes, based on cumulative grade point average.  Offers are extended by invitation to:

  • First-year regular division students based on their first semester grades.
  • Evening division students based on grades from their first three semesters.
  • Mid-year admission students based on grades in their first two semesters plus summer courses.

Students receiving offers in accordance with the grade on procedure will be invited to attend an Information Session to learn more about Widener Law Review.  Students are then required to accept or reject such offers by the due date in the invitation letter.  These offers are not conditioned upon subsequent completion of a paper as a prerequisite to admission.

Writing on
There are two ways students can write on to Widener Law Review.

(1) Summer Writing Competition (Rising 2Ls)
To compete in the Summer Writing Competition, students must have: a 2.7 GPA or greater by the end of the spring semester prior to the competition and completed his/her second semester of 1RD or 2ED in the spring semester prior to the competition.

Transfer students: 1ED candidates who are transferring to the regular division and will complete at least 27 credit hours by the end of the summer (contingent on acceptance into the regular division program and 2.7 GPA) are eligible to participate.

(2) Superior Authorship Competition (Rising 3Ls)
The Superior Authorship Competition is open to all students who have a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or greater and are completing their second semester of 2RD or 3ED in the spring prior to the competition.

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