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Volume 23:2 

1. Foreword: Breaking Down Barriers – The Benefits of a More Inclusive Legal Profession by Santino Ceccotti

2. Disability and the Law: An Essay on Inclusion, from Theory to Practice by Daniel G. Atkins & Robert L. Hayman, Jr.

3. Breaking Down Barriers: Session II – Making the Bar More Inclusive by Ross Flockerzie, Melissa R. Allman, Melissa Felder Zappala, Daniel Goldstein, Won Shin. & Neal Suggs

4. Breaking Down Barriers: Session V – The Special Role of Technology by Richard K. Herrmann, Melissa R. Allman, Melissa Felder Zappala, Daniel Goldstein, & Professor Fredric L. Lederer

5. Survey of Delaware State Bar Association Members to Assess the Presence of Conditions That Hinder Their Practice of Law by Steven W. Peuquet, Asiah M. Lemon, & Sharon Merriman-Nai








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