Manuscript Submissions

June 3rd, 2017

Submission Guidelines:

(1) Send manuscripts to:
(2) We also accept manuscripts through ExpressO.
(3) Email is the preferred method of submission.
(4) In the subject line please include the word “Article” and the title of your manuscript.
(5) Attach a cover letter and resume that provides your contact information, affiliation, biographical information, and acknowledgements.


(1) The Manuscript Editor or Editor-in-Chief will contact the author in writing.
(2) If the author accepts, he/she will then receive an Author/Journal Agreement (AJA).
(3) The editing process will begin, only after receiving a fully executed AJA.

The Law Review’s Manuscript Editor or Editor-in-Chief reviews all manuscripts submitted for publication. Only well-written manuscripts offering original legal analyses will be considered. One volume consisting of two issues is published annually. Issue One contains unsolicited manuscripts and Issue Two contains articles from the previous year’s symposium. Unsolicited manuscripts are accepted on a rolling basis, so interested authors are encouraged to submit their completed manuscripts as soon a possible. Article submissions for publication cannot be returned.

A Word About Footnotes:

Please use footnotes rather than than endnotes or parenthetical citations, and please always adhere to the most current version of The Bluebook:  A Uniform System of Citation.

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