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The Editorial Board governs the Law Review.  Prior to selecting the Board for next year, the incumbent Board will evaluate the current structure and propose appropriate changes based upon their experiences.

The Board’s goal is to enable each Staff member to participate in every aspect of the Law Review process. Staff will be assigned specific responsibilities as described in our Handbook. In addition, all Staff members should approach appropriate Board members about getting involved with other areas of the process in which they are particularly interested.

Our current board and staff:

2013-2014 Widener Law Review
Executive Board

Editor-in-Chief: Holly Frey
External Managing Editor: Gary Junge
Internal Managing Editor:  Megan McGovern

Editorial Board

Articles Editors: Kelly Fackenthall, Nicole Triner, Hayley Reese
Research Editors:
 John King, Amanda Topor
Bluebook Editors: Karen Braciszewski, Doug Pagenkopf



Tiffany Allen
Danielle Dell
Kernie Desir
Michael Duffy
Bonnie Gladu
Paige Hagelgans
Carrie Krantz
Cati McDonough
Johanna Peuscher-Funk
Victoria Paone
Natasha Reddy
Timothy Scordato
Jillian Seifrit
Gianna Silverman
Randy Teti
Paige Valeski
Rebecca Wilcox

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