Summer Write-On Competition

June 15th, 2012
  • Summer Writing Competition materials will be available strictly through the TWEN website.
  • The materials are available only through TWEN from May 18, 2012 – June 29, 2012.
  • From the moment you access the materials, you will have exactly three (3) weeks
    to complete and turn in your comment.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Only upon a showing of absolute necessity will hard copies be provided (for those
    having problems accessing the TWEN site, incompatibility issues, etc.).
1) In order to access the materials, you must first log on to the TWEN site
2) Click on the button that says, Add a Course.
3) Under the Widener University/Wilmington heading, scroll down and check the box that says Widener
Law Review Summer Writing Competition
4) Scroll all the way down and click Submit.
5) At that point, you will have access to the Summer Writing Competition page.  Go to it, and click on Assignment Drop Box; Then under the Course Assignment heading, click on Summer Writing Competition; Click on the Attached File. *NOTE: The moment at which you download the materials is TIME-STAMPED. You will have exactly three (3) weeks from that time to complete the assignment. Your submission will also be time-stamped. Failure to meet the three week time frame will result in disqualification.
6) You are to contact Erica Sharp immediately if, for whatever reason, the file fails to open or download correctly. She will provide you with any missing materials.
7) When you have completed your assignment, return to the Assignment Drop Box window and click on Submit.
8) If you are absolutely finished with your comment, upload your comment’s file and click Submit.
9) ALL COMPLETED COMMENTS ARE TO BE SUBMITTED THROUGH THE TWEN SITE.  *NOTE: You may submit your comment only once, so do not do so unless you are absolutely finished with it.
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